Mackline Junior School Project

Mackline Junior Children Centre and School A

Mackline Junior children centre and school is a humble school found in Bullo Village within the Bamburi area. The centre was started in 2006 with initially only 4 children aged 3-15 years. By now the population has raised quite a lot because of good care and support from me and other well wishers. Bullo is a remote village comprising of families not able to meet all adequate human needs or requirements. The major reason for the establishment of this school was to promote and uplift the academic standard and abilities of poor children who do not have the chance to visit better schools. It's better little education than no education at all .
This project was kindly started by me, Mrs. Caroline Nyambega (Rolex). In my own words I always say I feel happy to see these poor children in class learning and making progress. I fully welcome any person regardless of race, religion or region to come so that we join hands to support this project of education for the poor children. There is no limitation at all to anybody who feels to join me in this struggle for education to the little poor children.
In this regard we have several academic challenges, e.g. text books, enough desks, availability of school uniforms, enough classrooms and good number of teachers to conduct daily lessons appropriately. But I remain committed and in my heart I believe together we can make it, for these children to feel better in achieving quality education. Ye together we can.
I am extremely happy to acknowledge that I Rolex, like any other woman of this world feel happy to see children learning. I am not a millionaire or billionaire but just a simple woman operating for daily bread beside Bamburi Beach Hotel. I am well known as Rolex working for massage beside the beach of Bamburi. I am a single mother of two girls, open and ready to welcome anybody who feels to assist the children. For directions, ask any beach operator for my location on the beach. The community and even children themselves congratulate every sincere effort I put in helping the school and the children. The children always thank me as their mother for such a brilliant idea to start this centre of education for them and the community at large.
Today our children feel happy and better just for education.

Loma Village - Mackline Junior Children Centre B

Recently with my thirst for education to a poor child, I felt to think beyond Bullo and Mackline children centre alone, but to go as far as reaching the children of Loma village opposite Wema centre, where the children conditions in terms of education are still pathetic and quite challenging as I started a learning centre there in January 2012 with a population of 2 children which has now increased a lot. But, I am trying to cope with it. Loma just like Bullo still needs a lot of support to uplift it as a children centre in line with Mackline Children centre. My aim is still to consider how these poor children can learn well as any other better of children of Kenya.
Despite this pathetic condition, I have managed to move and obtain over 86 children aged 3-10 years roaming the village not able to sit and learn in class like any other children of today. Now they are learning.
To my happiness, these children can now sit in humble structures to learn and make progress. Much of my attention is directed to Loma village and I receive overwhelming support from the community. The current challenges of Mackline children centre B in Loma are: there are no desks, books, proper classrooms, and uniforms. The children lack volunteers to teach them.

In this regard, I wish to welcome anybody for any kind of support or donation. Thank you all. Welcome to Mackline children center and school A and B. Thank you a lot an be blessed.


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You are always welcome to visit the school. Please do not hesitate to contact us for this or any other concern.

Mackline Junior School and Children Centre in Bullo's and Loma.
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